Mechanics of Fluid Flow

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Fluid Mechanics in Industries Fluid mechanics, especially fluid dynamics, is an active field of research, typically mathematically complex. Aerodynamics Applied mechanics Bernoulli's principle Communicating vessels Computational fluid dynamics Corrected fuel flow Secondary flow Different types of boundary conditions in fluid dynamics Related Conference of Fluid Mechanics in Industries December , June February , March , April , July , August , August September , October , Parochial viewpoints and unnecessary jargon were avoided.

As a consequence, we expect them to have a broadening influence, and, further, that they will be useful to other professions than those principally occupied with fluid mechanics, for instance, medicine, oceanography, acoustics, and architecture. No attempt was made to organize the films, or these related chapters, in an ordered sequence or curriculum. There is too much variation in courses on fluid mechanics for such to be satisfactory. Moreover, the capability of films to range over wide areas in a short time is a stimulating contrast to the slower unfolding of topics in a long series of lectures.

Out of these governing views grew a virtually new component of scientific and engineering education, certainly one previously untried on a large scale: demonstration-experiment films, and related written material, for a difficult subject having a strong mathematical flavor. In it was admittedly a speculation whether such films could be effective, and, even if they were, whether they would be widely used.

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In the intervening years both these speculations have become resounding positive statements. The films have won their share of awards at film festivals, to be sure.

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But more importantly, they have been widely adopted and used inside and outside the classroom. The remarks of a generation of students, who now take these films for granted as a part of their learning experience, confirm that they produce a deep imprint connected with the other parts of their learning experience in fluid mechanics.

Fluid Dynamics

Groups attempting similar programs in other scientific and engineering fields have emulated the NCFMF. We hope that the related written materials presented in this volume will be received with equal pleasure by those already familiar with the films, and, further, that the book will augment the film audience. Many different ways of using the films have evolved on university campuses. The sound films are sometimes shown in class hours.

Mechanics of Fluid Flow | Wiley Online Books

More often each films is shown several times each term, in the afternoon or evening, at well-advertised times, open to the entire community. Where a well-equipped audiovisual facility exists, students can schedule a film at their convenience. Sometimes the library will serve a similar function. Complete courses have been built around the films and the film notes as central exhibits.

There are obvious ways in which this present volume may be worked into the related program of film showings. For convenience of interested readers, the volume also contains brief descriptions of the four-minute silent films produced by the NCFMF. These are single topic films that show a particular experiment or illustrate a particular phenomenon.

They are ideal for illustrating a point that arises during the course of a lecture. They can be operated in corridor showcases, or left in the laboratory to be viewed at any time. Many schools have viewing rooms for cartridge projection in the library or audiovisual center.

Flapping and Bending Bodies Interacting with Fluid Flows

Students can study the cartridge loops at will on recommendation of the instructor, or they may be assigned as homework. Mindful that we were acting for a national and international scholarly community, and that a similar effort could not be undertaken for at least a generation, we felt especially conscious of a responsibility for high quality and broad acceptance. An important mechanism for this—and a highly successful one—was the Advisory Committee for each film, which was always encouraged to be aggressive and outspoken in establishing and maintaining the highest of standards.